Appointment Scheduling for Hospitals

Czech company, used for appointment scheduling by small and medium-sized businesses around the world, now provides the booking platform for free to all hospitals dealing with the Covid challenge.

It was members of Red Cross in the Italian city of Neapol who recognized that Reservio could help hospitals in dealing with the ever-growing overload of their capacities. Many hospitals in Italy and the Czech Republic now use the platform. Patients can easily schedule an appointment for a specific time – and this prevents larger gatherings of people from taking place at the time when social distancing is critical.

“We decided to provide our platform for free to all hospitals dealing with the pandemic. Because we operate in 130 countries, we can help solve the problem of unwanted gatherings of people in waiting rooms. We are happy if the hospitals contact us and we can make their difficult task at least a bit easier.” – Boris Bošiak, founder and CEO.

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