Maps App Virus Warning updated their smartphone map application with functionality which sends warning notification to people who have likely been exposed to the disease. The app learns who is or isn’t infected by asking its users to provide this data (positively tested persons “check-in” in the app). The app also uses GPS location data of its users to figure out – with the help of advanced correlation algorithms – if the paths of infected and uninfected persons crossed or not.

A national map and navigation app, is widely popular in the Czech Republic as they often provide better coverage than Google Maps. The developers made sure that location data are anonymous and declared that users data won’t be shared with 3rd parties and will be deleted entirely when the pandemic is over. Users confirm that they’re ready to share their anonymized location data with others.

The app requires mobile internet but uses only about 200 KB daily. It consumes some battery power but shortens the battery life only mildly.

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